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Why the Late Start?

The 2017-2018 school year is upon us and teachers across the district are welcoming new students, new classrooms, and new technology.   Students over the summer received a change to their ID’s that will allow them to access google classroom, where teachers can post

On Teacher Evaluations

My first year of teaching was in 1994, and I was fresh out of college and was optimistic that I could handle a classroom and that I knew my subject matter.   It only took a few days for me to realize that I

How Much Physical Activity Does a Child Need?

According to the Centers for Disease Control,  children and adolescents should do 60 minutes or more or physical activity each day. Increasingly, educators have become concerned with how much students are sitting throughout the day.   With a focus on standardized tests, young children

Flipped Classrooms – Fad or Favorite

*This presentation was created for Jan 4th, 2015 Institute Day Flipped Classroom FAQ What is the flipped (inverted) class model? Students view content (videos or readings) outside of class, and class time is used for activity and discussion.  How do I create content? You

Email Tips and Tricks

We’ve all sent emails and then wish we could have taken them back.   Sometimes, it’s just something minor and annoying like a typo, or sometimes you reread the email later and realize the tone isn’t quite what you intended. Some people might not

Technical Education and the Common Core

With so much emphasis being placed on common core standards and literacy, it almost seems that if you’re outside the math and English core subjects, then the new standards don’t really apply to you.   In fact, other standards may be more of a

Instructional Practices Inventory

Wednesday morning, my students had microscopes out and were quietly working to find organisms found in pond water.   After I had introduced the class to the topic and gave them some tips on how to locate and identify creatures, I looked down to

Best Practices for Digital Citizenship

Are you adding a virtual classroom or social media site to your lessons?   Many of us are trying out, moodle, or other digital resources to enhance our lessons.    If you are attempting to foster engagement and collaboration, these guidelines might be