Local 743 Educator Stipend

Do you have  project you would like to do with your class but are lacking in materials?   The Local 743 is awarding $100.00 stipends to teachers in the district to assist with buying materials for projects.   Fill out the application!

Goal:  To support our local members who want to provide their students with an academic opportunity that they cannot otherwise fund.  This is not meant to replace the financial support the district provides for various academic activities but go beyond this resource.  

$100 stipends will be awarded to 6 different Local 743 members during 2017-18 academic year.  Applications will be reviewed by a committee of no less than 5 local members appointed and approved by executive board and chaired by treasurer.  

Those awarded the stipend will receive a $100 check.  Receipts for supplies must be submitted along with a summary of the results of activity to treasurer by July 1, 2018 along with a check for any unused funds made out to Local 743.   Providing pictures or other documentations of activity is also encouraged to be shared.

Examples of Possible Activities

  • 6th grade teacher wants their students to build bridges made out of drinking straws to explore construction designs and strength of the triangle.  
  • 2nd grade teacher wants their students to grow tomato plants and record their individual plant’s growth process.
  • 3rd grade teacher wants to purchase math flashcards for classroom so that each student will be able to practice their skills individually.
  • Kindergarten teacher wants to purchase some new books to expand their classroom library.
  • 8th grade teacher wants students to design a political campaign poster during their unit on political campaigns.

Applications are submitted through Google forms to be reviewed by a committee.  The due date for applications is January 30th, 2018.  Good luck!

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