Granite City Parents for Children First

At the most recent Union Meeting, an invitation was extended to the Local members to join a local group in the defense of Early Childcare Center programs.


We want to extend an invitation to Teachers Local 743, both its members and leadership, to help us in our cause. Who knows better the value of a child’s first school experience than teachers? Who works daily with these little ones to help them thrive? We intend to attend the Board meeting Dec 8, and to show our resolve and let our voices be heard.

Any consideration of altering the early childhood program should be dropped. It is a unique program and a shining example of how to start children in school.

Any teachers or union leaders that wish to participate are invited to help. We intend an informational picket outside the  Board, and to pack the place during the meeting wearing wrist bands to show our unity.

Anyone interested can contact our fb page: Granite City parents for children FIRST, or contact Linda Knogl at 618-444-6788 for details.

The next Board Meeting is Tuesday, December 8th.


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