Granite City Teachers Support the Tax Referendum

Children are always our primary concern, and this referendum effort will protect the quality of education in Granite City, as well as protect the property values in Granite City.  The referendum is asking for an 80 cent increase in the rate of the portion of your property taxes that goes towards the school district.

School officials cited the state’s reductions in funding as primary reasons for the referendum asking for an 80-cent increase in property taxes that will appear on the April 7 ballot. The increase would be in the education fund for District 9 schools, which funds programs and educational expenses, as opposed to transportation or debt repayment.

What does this mean for residents of Granite City and how much more could you pay in taxes?     The increase is based on your EAV  , or Equalized Assessed Value (EAV) , which is not the same as your assessed value.  The EAV is calculated as ⅓ of the assessed value of your home.  This calculator will determine how much more you will pay in taxes, simply enter your EAV  (from your tax bill) into the calculator below.

For example:  If you property’s assessed value was 60,000, that would mean your EAV was 20,000.  You would pay an extra $160 per year which amounts to about $13 per month going toward educational programs, electives, and materials.

Besides helping you with this calculation, Teachers Local 743 also wants to suggest ways to actually decrease your property taxes, while still supporting the school district and the children of Granite City. All of these can be inquired about and/or applied for at your local tax assessors office:

-Are you on the Homestead Act? (If you live at the property in question)
-Are you exercising a senior discount?(Again, local assessor can assist in this)
-Does your income qualify for a discount? (Again, local assessor can answer this)

We truly hope this helps you to understand both the impact and the importance of this referendum. Without this referendum, student programs, and ultimately local property values will decrease, and that will be a huge negative impact on Granite City.


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