Making Sense Out of the Final Exams

Finals are only required for certain courses at GCHS.  Where it is stated in the handbook that these finals CANNOT BE WAIVED, all students in those classes must take the final..  Teachers often refer to them as “required finals”.  The courses are:  Algebra 1, Algebra Concepts 1, Geometry 2, Geometry Concepts 2, Algebra 3, Pre-calculus 1, Survey of Advanced Math 1, Calculus 1; Biology 2, Chemistry 2, Physics 1, American History 1 & 2, English 6, Senior Composition, Consumer Education, Economics, Occupational English and Tech Writing.

For all other classes, finals can be waived if certain criteria are met.  Generally speaking students who have missed 4 or fewer days (class periods) will be exempt OR if they are making an A.  Certain criteria may make it impossible to waive the final even if student is making an A or has few absences, such as receiving ISS or OSS, being truant, missing more than 10 days of school, transferring into school after the fourth day of attendance or being on homebound.

If a student is a senior and has received a MEETS or EXCEEDS on the PSAE in that subject, then they can waive their final no matter what other circumstances apply to them.  The following flow chart may help.

final exam flow chart

*Students who received homebound instruction or enrolled/entered school after the fourth day of attendance cannot waive finals*

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