Local 743 Educator Stipend

Do you have  project you would like to do with your class but are lacking in materials?   The Local 743 is awarding $100.00 stipends to teachers in the district to assist with buying materials for projects.   Fill out the application! Goal:  To support our

Vouchers: Smoke and Mirrors

School vouchers are the hot topic since the 2016 presidential run when then candidate Donald Trump proposed a school voucher system to offer a choice to parents in low-performing school districts.  The basic nuts and bolts of the system calls for the use of

Why the Late Start?

The 2017-2018 school year is upon us and teachers across the district are welcoming new students, new classrooms, and new technology.   Students over the summer received a change to their ID’s that will allow them to access google classroom, where teachers can post

AFL-CIO Scholarship (2017)

Greater Madison County Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO) will be awarding TWO $1,500 scholarships to any union member or family of a member (spouse, child, grandchild). Application Download:  AFL-CIO academic scholarship Some highlights of scholarship: On back of the application, must get Chuck Noud (or

Get Involved With Your Union

When I was twenty-three years old, I got my first “real” job at Granite City High School.   One of the first contacts I made in the district was my department head and a union representative who gave me forms to fill out to

House Bill 610 Will Distribute Federal Funds for Vouchers

While you might have been distracted with  other things, H.R. 610 has been introduced in the house.   While it is in the early stages, I think it’s fairly indicative of the kind of policies we will see enacted under the Secretary of Education,

What is School Choice?

With Betsy Devos poised to take the role of education secretary under a Trump administration, school choice has become a buzzword around the education circles.   The idea of “school choice” sounds good, after all, who doesn’t want more choices.   The problem is

The Year (2016) in Review

2016 had some ups and downs related to education.  I think overall, the public is starting to wake-up to how a test-and-punish culture is harming children, schools, and their communities.    On the negative side, over the past few years, teachers unions have lost